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Round 1

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Games begin this Saturday, 22nd April. Here's everything you need to know before game 1.

Draw is now available

The full draw is now available on the home page of our website, or at PlayHQ. Please ensure you are selecting the correct competition (either modified or Junior & Senior) and select the team name to find your fixture.


Before taking the court on Saturday, please ensure you have the correct uniform items. Dresses need to be worn with black sports briefs, while the singlet needs to be worn with either shorts or tights.

If you do not have a uniform yet (either a dress or playing singlet), please get in touch with Jes ASAP.

Nails and Jewellery

Before taking the court, please ensure your nails have been trimmed and are rounded. All jewellery must be removed. The only exceptions to this are a plain wedding band, or medical bracelet. Earrings are NOT to be taped, and must be fully removed.


We strongly encourage all players to wear supportive footwear. Netball is a high impact sport, and ankles are particularly susceptible to injury if inappropriate footwear is worn.

Score Cards

Score cards are to be collected from the window in the Admin building before the start of play. Players need to have their names ticked off if they are playing, or left blank if they are not. Please ensure the score card is filled in correctly before it is returned to the window at the end of the game. Full details on score cards, including playing up rules, can be found here


Greenlees is proud to foster our up and coming umpires. We do not tolerate any abuse of umpires, and anyone engaging in such behaviour will be asked to leave the courts. If an umpire requires assistance, coaches are able to contact a member of the committee and we will make our way to the court. Spectators are not to approach an umpire at any stage.

March Past

The March Past marks the opening of the winter season. It will be held at 10am, round 1, and the earlier timeslots will start early to accommodate this. Please see the event page for more details.

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