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Our Club enters Modified, Junior and Senior teams in the IWNA Summer and Winter Competitions, held at Cintra Park Netball Courts, Concord each year.

Greenlees has programs and teams for all ages, abilities and genders.


Modified teams

For players aged 8 & 9


Modified teams are aged 8 & 9 and play under slightly different rules than the old age groups. This helps them become accustomed to playing the game without the competition element. Games are played on grass courts, and scores are not kept. 


Junior teams

For players aged 10-15


Junior teams are aged 10 - 15. These teams play on hard courts on Saturday mornings, with full rules. There is a variety of grades for players at all levels of experience. 



For players aged 16 & 17


Cadets are teams aged 16 & 17. They play the Senior afternoon timeslots against other Cadet-aged teams.



For players 18+


Our Seniors teams are aged 18+. We have a wide range of teams in all divisions from A - C grade. Some teams play for the social aspect, while others are competitive. Senior timeslots have traditionally been 12:30pm, 1:50pm, and 3:10pm, however this may change due to court availability. 

Our Teams and Programs

5 - 7 year olds

8 & 9 year olds

10 - 15 year olds

16 & 17 year olds

18 and over

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